Mobile Health Road Map to Employee Health

Their ability to schedule and monitor our candidates' appointments makes our lives and jobs so much easier on so many levels.
—Mobile Health Client
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Mobile Health prides itself on being an expert in occupational health for over 30+ years and with 100+ locations nationwide. Mobile Health has been providing employers with quality, innovative, and cost effective medical services to get to work quickly and conveniently. Our exams are designed to to create a seamless process for patients when they visit our facility. Some quick tips to remember to ensure a faster appointment :

  • All patients will receive a ticket upon arrival, and those who arrive at the right date, time, and location, will be seen before those who do not.
  • Patients are seen in order of the services they are scheduled for and so it is possible that some will be seen before or after others.
  • It is important to remember that physical exams do not replace annual wellness exams, and insurance is now accepted for all comprehensive exams.
  • Only results related to patient employment will be sent to employers, and patients will receive a full report of their exam at no extra cost.

Refer to our informational videos below to give employees a better understanding of their exam experience with Mobile Health:

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