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Mobile Health prides itself on being an expert in occupational health for over 30+ years and with 100+ locations nationwide. Mobile Health has been providing employers with quality, innovative, and cost effective medical services to get to work quickly and conveniently. Our exams are designed to to create a seamless process for patients when they visit our facility. Some quick tips to remember to ensure a faster appointment :

  • All patients will receive a ticket upon arrival, and those who arrive at the right date, time, and location, will be seen before those who do not.
  • Patients are seen in order of the services they are scheduled for and so it is possible that some will be seen before or after others.
  • It is important to remember that physical exams do not replace annual wellness exams, and insurance is now accepted for all comprehensive exams.
  • Only results related to patient employment will be sent to employers, and patients will receive a full report of their exam at no extra cost.

Refer to our informational videos below to give employees a better understanding of their exam experience with Mobile Health:

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