Where Can you get TB tests in New York City?

6 occupational health medical centers near 60 subway stops!

They are professional and organized. They are always helpful.
—Mobile Health Patient

Mobile Health has 7 locations across New York City and Long Island offering Tuberculosis testing (PPD skin test and QuantiFERON).  Also, our mobile medical testing teams can administer TB tests onsite at places of business across the Tri-state area. These options make it easy and convenient to schedule a TB test in the New York City area.

Note, however, that the last appointment for New York TB tests must be made 30 minutes before Mobile Health clinic closing. 


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Tb Tests in New York

Click on the desired location below to view clinic operating hours and contact information.

Manhattan Tb Tests:

229 West 36th Street
(btw 7th & 8th Avenues)
10th Floor
New York, NY 10018


Bronx Tuberculosis Tests:

2488 Grand Concourse
2nd Floor, Room 210
Bronx, NY 10458


Brooklyn Tuberculosis Tests (2 locations):

50 Court Street
10th Floor, Room 1002
Brooklyn, NY, 11201

Brooklyn Mobile Health
1797 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11230


Queens Tuberculosis Tests:

97-77 Queens Blvd
9th Floor
Queens, NY, 11374

Staten Island Tuberculosis Tests:

294 New Dorp Lane
2nd Floor
Staten Island, NY 10306

Hempstead Tuberculosis Tests:

129 Jackson Street
Lower Level
Hempstead, NY 11550

Before Obtaining Tb Tests in New York

Tuberculosis is airborne and highly contagious. For this reason, occupations working with large groups of people or communities with weakened immune systems require a TB test. Mobile Health offers two methods of testing for tuberculosis: a PPD implant and a QuantiFERON blood test.

  • During a PPD test, the patient receives a shot under the top layer of skin, on their forearm. The PPD implant contains Tuberculosis antigens called purified protein derivatives (PPD). If the patient has been exposed to the tuberculosis bacteria, a firm red bump will develop at the injection site within two days. The PPD skin test is also known as a Mantoux test.
  • QuantiFERON tuberculosis test (QFT) provides an alternative to the PPD implant method.  The The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the QuantiFERON blood test to diagnose latent or active tuberculosis in a patient. The QFT test typically only requires one visit to a clinic.

Whether you obtain TB tests in New York or elsewhere, cases of positive TB test results require a follow-up chest x-ray for visual confirmation.  False positives may occur with both screenings. Consequently, the only way to confirm active tuberculosis in a patient is through a chest x-ray.

Chest x-rays are available to all patients who have a positive PPD skin test or QuantiFERON test result at Mobile Health.


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