Tuberculosis Chest X-Ray

When To Schedule A TB Chest X-Ray & Why

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Chest X-ray

Tuberculosis is a contagious disease that is known to attack the lungs but can also affect other body parts such as the kidney, spine and brain.

There are two common tests to determine the prence of tuberculin bacteria: PPD skin tests and QuantiFERON blood tests. PPD skin tests, however, can often lead to a false positive diagnosis; either because of the patient was exposed to the disease or other exposure risk factors.

When this happens, patients are routinely asked to schedule a X-ray to confirm whether or not they are TB positive.

  • Should I schedule a TB Chest X-Ray?
  • What with a TB chest X-Ray show me?
  • When are TB chest X-Rays mandatory?
  • Where can I schedule a TB chest X-Ray?

    Should I schedule a TB Chest X-Ray?

    Tuberculosis X-rays are often used to confirm the presence of TB or damage to the lungs and should only be scheduled if:

    • Patient tested positive for TB in PPD or QuantiFERON exam
    • Patient has a documented history of testing positive for TB
    • Patient is concerned of recent exposure to TB disease
    • Patient is exhibiting symptoms or signs of being infected with tuberculosis

    What will a TB Chest X-Ray show me?

    Chest X-Rays are a simple procedure to confirm the presence of TB in the patient. During the procedure, the clinician will simply take X-rays of the chest from multiple angles. A clinician will the analyze the results to determine if the lung X-rays show any signs of advance pulmonary tuberculosis or any existing damage for patients who have a documented history of testing positive.

    When are TB Chest X-Rays Mandatory?

    Tuberculosis chest X-rays are mandatory for:

    • Patients who test positive after taking a TB test ( PPD or QuantiFERON)
    • A new X-ray is mandatory for patients with documented history of testing positive every 5-10 years

    Where can I schedule a TB Chest X-ray?

    Patients can schedule a TB Chest X-Ray at our Manhattan or Hempstead locations or some of our nationwide network offices. To find a location that’s most convenient check our location finder page.

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