Throw Away Paper Documents, Not Time!

Digital Medical Records Make Things Faster

The entire process was very well run and the wait time between the different procedures was short. I was very impressed that the staff made the effort to learn some basic Chinese to help patients.
—Mobile Health Patient
Digital Medical Records

If you’re in the medical staffing field, you know the value of speed better than anyone. Placing candidates quickly is the name of the game, and you’re working hand over fist to figure out a way of doing it faster than anyone else can.

However, you may not realize how much time you’re losing dealing with the last, painful process of your candidate’s placement process, the pre-employment medical exam.

Paper Records are the Problem

Pre-employ medical assessments are slowing your business down and costing you money and time that you can’t afford to lose, but not for the reason that you think.

Many medical staffing companies believe that pre-employment medical exams have to be excruciating and slow. But the reason they think so is because they haven’t gotten the benefit of digital medical records. In today’s fast paced market, getting your occupational healthcare provider to give you digital medical records is a crucial means of speeding up your ability to place candidates.

Digital Records are the Answer

Finding yourself an occupational healthcare provider with their own digital solution will allow you to benefit from their efficiencies. Such an occupational healthcare provider should be able to produce your medical records as soon as they are completed, saving you weeks of waiting for a physician or nurse to fill out a form. Also, if they can produce digital medical records, you’ll know at first glance if there are any issues with your candidate’s report.

You’ll also benefit from the ease at which digital records can be archived. Digital medical records will allow you the full breadth of information on a candidate, which means you have all of the information you need in a candidate at your disposal for the entire time you’ve dealt with them.

Life is Easier with Digital Records

When you have your candidate’s medical records delivered to you digitally, this last phase of the placement process is as painless and rapid as it can be. The speed at which you’ll be able to ensure the candidate is up to snuff is only dependent on how long the tests take and how long it takes you to interpret the results.

Essentially every aspect of the painful process of pre-employment medical examination becomes quicker and easier when everyone is on the digital bandwagon. So if you really want to place your medical staff quicker, find an occupational health provider that’s on the same digital wavelength as you are.

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