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Their ability to schedule and monitor our candidates' appointments makes our lives and jobs so much easier on so many levels.
—Mobile Health Client

Flu Season Staffing Strategy?

Posted October 4, 2019

Do you have a flu season staffing strategy and contingency plan? It is no mystery that employee attendance can be greatly impacted by any illness during the year.  The Flu Season is here and while on-site vaccination clinics and Flu Shot Programs can help prevent the flu, your workplace needs to be prepared for handling[Read the Rest]

The Carnivore’s Dilemma

Posted December 11, 2015

On October, 26, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, or IARC for short, issued some devastating news for carnivores everywhere: RED MEAT IS POISON, AND EATING IT IS BASICALLY THE SAME AS EATING GLASS. Basically… Practically… Ok, maybe not, but that’s what you’d think the IARC said considering all of the hullabaloo we’ve been[Read the Rest]

Corporate Wellness

Employers: A Wellness Program Can Be The Key to a Happier, More Productive Workplace.

Posted December 3, 2015

If you haven’t already heard, corporate wellness programs are everywhere. In fact, over 75% of companies that have over 50 employees have a corporate wellness program, and by all accounts, the trend isn’t stopping anytime soon. So the question is, why? Why are incredibly successful companies creating corporate wellness programs, and what are they getting[Read the Rest]

Stealing exercise during the day and night

Posted March 24, 2015

Find Unexpected Exercise Sources! Chances are that over the cold winter, you may have decreased your exercise and perhaps packed on a few pounds. While those extra pounds might have been nice for insulation purposes, odds are they weren’t so good for your health. Now that it’s warmer, though, you can go outside, get some[Read the Rest]

Ways to Fight Spring Allergies – Mobile Health

Posted March 17, 2015

Spring is Here! Believe it or not, the first day of spring comes this Friday, March 20th, 2015. This may be hard to imagine as there’s snow in the New York City forecast for that exact day, but we promise you: SPRING IS COMING. Eventually. We’re pretty sure. Spring has tons of good points: total[Read the Rest]