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Everything was excellent, as always.
—Mobile Health Patient

Home health pre-employment physical in New York

Posted April 8, 2013

Mobile Health is proud to be a major provider for pre-employment physicals for home health agencies and their employees. In accordance to New York State’s Department of Health law 766.11 Personnel, there are very strict rules regarding the health of the employee. These rules were designed to protect both the patients and the provider from dangerous[Read the Rest]

Tutorial Video on Employee Physicals and Drug Testing

Posted February 25, 2013

How do you schedule a drug test? Below are 5 Youtube videos showing how to use Mobile Health’s client portal to manage your employee physicals and drug testing appointments. This is a great tool for pre-employment programs where you can schedule the individual to any of our 6 locations across NYC and Long Island. Please contact Mobile[Read the Rest]

What is a pre-employment physical?

Posted February 22, 2013

A pre-employment physical is a collection of medical exams to evaluate if a person is fit for duty. Depending on the workplace environment and requirements, different assessments can be required. Two of the most popular employee physicals Mobile Health offers are for home health agencies and DOT regulated businesses. Set-up a corporate account    Request an appointment[Read the Rest]

Can I use an existing DOT medical card for a new employer?

Posted February 21, 2013

Yes. As long as the card didn’t expire, it is valid for any employment situation. Most DOT physical examination cards are valid for 2 years, but the medical examiner shorten the time between exams if they feel the driver should be seen more often. During the period where your card is valid, you can work at your[Read the Rest]