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They have provided outstanding care to our candidates needing medical clearance to work on assignments for hundreds of our clients.
—Mobile Health Client

Mobile Health Is Your COVID-19 Vaccinator

Posted March 11, 2021

Mobile Health provides program management, staffing, and technology for vaccine administration. Across the United States, Mobile Health is partnering with municipalities, state and local Departments of Health, and private organizations to distribute and administer the COVID-19 vaccine. Mobile Health is a New York-based occupational health provider for 37+ years. Disease prevention and testing are core to what we do.[Read the Rest]

Mobile Health Partners with MTA to Vaccinate Thousands of NY Transit Workers

Posted March 1, 2021

Mobile Health has partnered with the MTA, and has designed and will staff a new dedicated COVID-19 vaccination site for the Metropolitan Transit Authority employees in downtown Brooklyn. The occupational health provider expects to vaccinate up to 200 New York transit workers per day at the dedicated vaccination center, launched this week by the MTA.[Read the Rest]

COVID-19 safe return to work

Return to Work Confidently: COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring, Testing, Vaccine Administration

Posted February 5, 2021

Mobile Health, an occupational health provider for 37 years, makes it easy to conduct a Return-to-Work program at your office or job site. Our experienced medical team delivers end-to-end COVID-19 services. This includes screening, testing and vaccine administration — offered at your location for a safe return to work during the pandemic. On-Site, At your[Read the Rest]

safe return to work COVID-19

7 Tips for a Safe Return to Work in 2021

Posted January 27, 2021

In 2020, employers faced many pandemic-related health and safety challenges that continue today. In a recent panel discussion on the Future of Business: Workplace Health & Safety sponsored by USA Today, Mobile Health CEO Andrew Shulman described changes companies can make now to foster a safe return to work during COVID-19. During his remarks, reprinted[Read the Rest]

K-12 COVID-19 testing

K-12 COVID-19 Testing Prevents Spread, Speeds Reopenings

Posted January 26, 2021

Many states are recommending robust testing of K-12 students, faculty and staff to prevent transmission of COVID-19. Testing not only quickly identifies and isolates positive cases, reducing spread, but also reassures parents and communities. COVID-19 testing for K-12 districts also is an effective route to schools reopening. Mobile Health already provides on-campus COVID-19 testing for[Read the Rest]

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