Staffing For Hospitals Too Slow?

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Their ability to schedule and monitor our candidates' appointments makes our lives and jobs so much easier on so many levels.
—Mobile Health Client
The One Thing Slowing Down Your Placements

Many staffing companies find staffing for hospitals the slowest part of their business. For whatever reason, no matter how good their candidates are on paper, they’re taking forever to get into a position. Many staffing agencies have accepted this as a reality of the industry, but few have asked if it has to be this way.

Well, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t.

Below you’ll find our white paper, The One Thing Slowing Down Your Placements. In it you’ll find out just that— the one thing that very few staffing firms realize is slowing their placements to a crawl.


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The above white paper will show your organization that one key piece you didn’t even realize was missing from your staffing processes. In it you’ll find great advice about the types of frustration that medical staffing agencies face, and how combating them isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Also feel free to check out our book, Winning the Placement Race for more great advice on how to speed up your placements, or if you prefer, contact us and we’ll tell you live and direct.

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