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Dedicated Account Managers

Mobile Health offers dedicated account management for all our DOT clients.

I had no problems. Mobile Health was very courteous and organized.
—Mobile Health Patient

Mobile Health offers dedicated account managers.

There are many stressors in managing a fleet. Dealing with drivers, clients, vendors, repairs, following DOT regulations, and adapting to problematical situations that arise are all part of a daily fleet manager’s workload. Thus, having any element of fleet management simplified is a great help – and removes a potential stressor.

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Mobile Health delivers this simplification by providing total occupational health, including DOT physicals and DOT compliant drug testing. We seek to take the stress out of scheduling and tracking all driver drug tests and DOT physical exams.

To accomplish this, we have dedicated account managers for each DOT client. Mobile Health’s account managers are available for you to speak with if you have any questions, needs, or concerns.

Our account managers keep abreast of changing DOT regulations and proactively manage your account. Our account managers can even set up automatic scheduling and appointment reminders for annual exams for each employee in your company.

Finally, our dedicated account managers can provide support on our technology solutions and can keep you aware of money-saving opportunities such as ways of decreasing workers’ compensation premiums.

To speak with an account manager, simply contact us or sign up for a corporate account above.

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