Full service pre-employment physicals and drug tests for employee screening

You will see what we have seen over the past four years—an excellence and pride in the amazing service they provide and care that they deliver.
—Mobile Health Client

Starting in 1984, Mobile Health developed relationships with businesses in many different industries. By combining our employee screening expertise with your unique business needs, we develop a custom package to facilitate your recruit to hire process.

We take pride in offering a complete employee screening program to healthcare organizations, staffing firms, security firms, non-profits (NGO), educational institutions, DOT regulated industries, construction companies, and government entities.

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Our catalog of services covers a wide spectrum of occupational health.
We are with you when:

Some of the most common industries we work with include:

Healthcare & Homecare Agencies

Servicing the home healthcare industry since 1984, Mobile Health is the premier provider of required Department of Health (DOH) pre-employment and annual health assessments for healthcare workers. Our proprietary electronic health record system and client portal for scheduling, tracking, and 24/7 online results provide our clients with the necessary services to keep their employees in compliance.

Staffing Firms

Mobile Health understands the unique requirements of the staffing industry, with an emphasis on turnaround time and customization of services. Our staffing firm clients value Mobile Health’s clinical expertise and flexible array of medical services that conform to any major healthcare client’s requirements. Mobile Health is an approved provider of every major hospital system and healthcare network in the NY tri-state area.

Security Companies

Whether our security company clients are looking to ensure that their workforce is drug free and physically able to perform their duties, or have client-specific medical requirements, Mobile Health has the clinical expertise and technology solutions to meet the unique needs of any security company.

NGO / Non-Profit Social Services

Mobile Health proudly works with NGO/non-profit organizations that provide a complete array of social services throughout the NY tri-state area. Mobile Health works with our non-profit clients to ensure that their workforce conforms to the necessary federal, state, or county health regulations. In addition, Mobile Health regularly participates in on-site services and health fairs in partnership with our non-profit clients.

DOT/ Trucking & Manufacturing

Mobile Health has a comprehensive knowledge of the ever-changing Dept. of Transportation (DOT) regulations and requirements. Our DOT clients can depend on our quality physical examinations and SAMHSA-certified drug testing services to ensure that their workforce meets all federal and state regulations. We also specialize in providing NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV) required Article 19A examinations

Food Service

Mobile Health provides the physical examinations and ancillary medical testing as required for food service handlers. We have the clinical expertise and technology solutions to meet the unique needs of any food service provider.

Governmental Agencies

Mobile Health partners with governmental agencies for a wide array of occupational health services, from comprehensive physical examinations to drug free workforce programs. Mobile Health contracts directly with state and local governments, as well as publicly bid on occupational health proposals from public entities throughout the NY tri-state area.

Colleges & Universities

Mobile Health has business relationships with both public and private colleges and universities throughout the NY tri-state area. Mobile Health provides comprehensive services offered to both students and faculty, including health fairs and on-site flu shots.

Many of the services above can be provided on-site at your office location(s), or at one of Mobile Health’s 6 locations throughout New York City and Long Island. Contact us today to find out how we can meet your needs and ensure that your healthy workforce leads to a healthy business!

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