Senator Gustavo Rivera Celebrates Mobile Health, New York’s Employment Screening Trailblazer

Everything was done efficiently and professionally, and the staff was friendly and pleasant.
—Mobile Health Patient
Senator Gustavo Rivera Celebrates Mobile Health, New York’s Employment Screening Trailblazer

As the Chair of the New York State Senate’s Health Committee, Senator Gustavo Rivera fights for the people of New York to have a healthier lifestyle. Rivera visits Mobile Health’s Bronx clinic to celebrate their innovations to give employers greater access to the employment screening services and technology they need to protect their workforce.


Mobile Health paves the way for effortless scheduling, faster results, and data organization. As employment screening technology has become stagnant and outdated, Mobile Health invests more in their technology and breaks the industry norms. 6,500+ clinics armed with Mobile Health technology means that employers get results in real-time. No emails, no handing off paperwork — employers have a direct line to the results they need to hire and protect their people. 

“Our technology is how we put these vital services into the hands of our clients,” said Jim Wiegand, Mobile Health’s Chief Technology Officer. “The Mobile Health portal reflects the needs of our clients ─ customizable services, appointment statuses, compliance documentation, and group scheduling all in one place.”


New York employers have thousands of people to protect. Healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and transportation industries have strict OSHA regulations imperative to maintaining a healthy workforce. Mobile Health sees this need and says, ‘What can we do to make our services more accessible?’

The Mobile Health fleet of occupational health vehicles puts every clinic service they provide on wheels ─ respirator fit testing, physical exams, drug testing, vaccines, COVID-19 testing, and more. Their on-site teams have run 24/7 operational programs to the needs of New York employers. Mobile Health is the trailblazer to revolutionize what it looks like to protect our workforce.

Mobile Health works side by side with employers, creating a comprehensive plan to upgrade their employment screening process. Talk to an expert today.

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