Physical Exam

Pre-employment and annual physical exams for employees

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Employee Physical Exams

Physical Exam

A physical exam is often included as part of the employment screening process for companies. The purpose of the physical is to make sure the employee’s health is compliant with any job-related requirements for the position they are applying for.

The physical examination can be very simple and quick, or complex and long, depending on the requirements of the job.

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Physical Exam Information

Pre-employment physical screening

Many companies that require some physical or medical clearances for their employees generally require a pre-employment screening physical for all new hires. This physical is may be required by a local Department of Health (DOH) regulation or Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. Although the pre-employment physical exam is very similar to an annual physical, the pre-employment physical can be used to determine a baseline at the time of employment. If a certain metric is recorded early on, the employer and employee can track changes in the improvement or worsening of the worker’s health.

Annual physical exam

The annual physical exam is an important part of maintaining occupational health and safety. For healthcare workers, the health exam helps determine if the employee is free of any contagious diseases that may harm patients. This is why annual health screenings are crucial for healthcare workers. For a healthcare worker, the annual physical is generally bundled with a TB test, drug test and if appropriate, a seasonal flu shot. But if there are specific OSHA standards for the position, then additional and more comprehensive annual testing may be required.

Employee health physical

Even if not required by regulation, offering employees a no-cost health check physical is a way to ensure workplace safety and wellness. Employee health physicals help employees be aware of their health, and take proactive steps to improve their well-being. When compared to having employees out sick, providing employee health physicals can be a great positive ROI for most organizations.

Industries requiring physicals

Our nationwide medical experts are specifically trained to understand and perform the right physical examination for your employees. Mobile Health has account managers and medical providers trained on providing industry specific physicals for:

  • Physicals for health care workers working in hospitals
  • Physicals for home care workers
  • FMCSA’s CDL or DOT Physicals (Truck Drivers)
  • OSHA specific screening and surveillance physicals
  • Article 19A physicals (NY Bus Drivers)
  • Joint Commission required compliance physicals
  • Compliance physicals required by local Department of Health’s

All physicals and Mobile Health exams can be set-up for pre-employment or annual needs.

Physical Exam Components

Since each physical may have customized components, there is no ‘standard physical’ (unless defined by regulations). But most physical evaluations will generally consist of:

  • Measuring blood pressure
  • Measuring heights and weight
  • Documenting body mass index (BMI)
  • Measuring pulse rate
  • Measuring respiration rate
  • Reporting on existing medical illnesses
  • Reporting on previous medical history
  • Reporting on allergies and general social history

Companies interested is sending employees to Mobile Health for their physical exams can make it a part of a package that includes drug tests, tuberculosis tests, and vaccinations or titers for immunity.

As needed, add-ons to the exam may include additional procedures such as a hearing and vision test and other Medical Clearance procedures.

Managing Employee Screening Process

Companies or organizations that require employee physical exams may find that managing the scheduling, reporting, and documenting process to be time consuming and a strain on limited resources.

Mobile Health’s Client Portal allow employers to schedule employees for their physicals nationwide through one website and process. Once the exam is complete, the electronic medical record is delivered online through the Client Portal as well.

With unlimited users and employees, the Client Portal makes managing an occupational health and employee screening program easy and efficient.

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