Flu Shot Valet

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Flu Shot Valet

During flu vaccination season, Mobile Health offices offer our signature Flu Shot Valet program for companies interested in getting a high volume of their employees vaccinated. Designated time slots are booked at any of our NYC facilities for just your company with additional availability in the morning, evening and weekends.  Your employees get their flu vaccine within 15 minutes or less. Flu Shot Valet is available from September through March at all NYC locations.

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Medical centers located in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Hempstead.

What is Flu Shot Valet?

Have a decentralized work force but want a large percentage of your work force to be vaccinated? Flu Shot Express is  the perfect program for you. Speak with a Mobile Health representative to book allocated time slots that work best for you and your staff at any of our NYC locations. Qualified companies and/or employees can receive a free flu shot through insurance billing.

How is the Flu Shot Valet different than a normal appointment?

During this program, Mobile Health will set aside time to only see your employees and staff. This means:

  • Quicker registration
  • Vaccinations on weeknights, morning and weekends.
  • Prepared vaccines

Flu Shot Valet also allows employers to use offset the vaccination cost by either paying for the cost of vaccine or by allowing Mobile Health to accept the employee’s health insurance for payment. An additional fee for Registered Nurse is charged hourly.

Do I need to register to send my employees?

Yes, Flu Shot Valet program is only available to registered companies. Speak with a Mobile Health representative to set up a time slot(s) that works best for you and your staff at any of our NYC locations.

Is there a commitment to use the program?

Yes, hourly time slots are put aside just for your company so a commitment of 1 hour is required. Eligible companies and individuals can receive free flu shots through insurance billing during designated Flu Shot Valet events, however, there is an additional hourly charge for Registered Nurse administering the vaccine.

How can I schedule my employees?

Reach out for a quote to speak with one of our knowledgeable Mobile Health representatives. Once registered, companies will have access to Mobile Health’s online scheduling system called the Client Portal. The Client Portal allows companies to receive flu vaccination reports.

What kind of reporting or feedback does the company receive?

Flu vaccination reporting is available the next day after vaccination. The report is a medical exam result with all medical information related to the administration of the vaccine including:

  • The vaccination lot number
  • The arm used
  • The name of the nurse

Is the Flu Shot Valet compliant with NY DOH requirements for HCP?

Yes, Flu Shot Valet and reporting is compliant with New York State requirements for vaccinating health care professionals. All results are available online in the Client Portal the day after vaccination and able to be printed for record keeping. Companies can also browse past records as well.