Corporate Flu Shot Programs

Corporate flu vaccination program for employees

They are excellent at moving procedures along and really push their labs and external services to expedite samples or specimens in order to provide the quickest possible result.
—Mobile Health Client

Corporate Flu Shot Programs


Stop the flu before it stops your business! Mobile Health offers a variety of flu programs to make vaccination easy, quick and on your schedule.

Eligible companies and employees qualify for free vaccines through health insurance billing.

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Why consider a corporate flu vaccination program?

Company benefits:

  • Clear and understandable Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Proactively decrease sick days and maintain a productive environment during flu season
  • Help prevent spreading the flu to your partners, vendors, and clients

On-site Services

Our Mobile Health Registered Nurse and staff come to your office(s) for on-site vaccinations.

  • Available in your office or place of business in the tri-state area.
  • Flexible hours around your schedule.
  • A dedicated nurse with a mobile clinical kit.
  • Perfect for a centralized workforce.
  • Learn more about On-site Flu Vaccination clinics

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Getting a flu shot is easy, so is the billing. Choose a corporate flu shot program with employer-sponsored vaccinations or billing by insurance.

Influenza Health Dangers

Every year, the CDC reports that on average 5% – 20% of the US population is infected with the influenza virus. For US businesses, this means that the virus will certainly make its way to your workplace every season.

As we all know, the flu is responsible for agonizing pain and discomfort and the eventual sick day. But more serious complications can lead to severe and life-threatening illnesses. The dangers don’t stop at the workplace.

Family members or patients with weak immune systems are the biggest casualties for flu-related deaths. Many fail to understand that influenza, combined with pneumonia is the 3rd most common cause of death in New York City since 2002. This helps explain why businesses and healthcare providers across the country fight every year to vaccinate their employees and help stop the spread of influenza.

Influenza vs Your Business

Due to the severity of the flu virus, many employees need 3-6 days to recover from the illness. This recovery time includes both personal health improvement and avoiding contact with others while contagious. The only thing worse than an employee home sick with the flu is another employee home sick with the flu.

A corporate flu program is the best way to decrease sick days and maintain a healthy, productive workforce.

Why Get Involved

The fight against the flu is one of the few preventive medical measures in which an employer can help contribute. The low cost of vaccination and easy accessibility makes it a perfect target for employers looking to maintain a healthy business.

Unlike other diseases or health risks that might affect an employee, the flu is preventable and predictable. The flu vaccine is the most trusted and effective way to fight the virus that always shows-up towards the late fall through early spring.

If your business succumbs to the flu it is not a rare surprise, but an expected result of an unvaccinated workforce.

Flu Vaccine Risk

Mobile Health recognizes that some people hesitate to get a flu shot due to the risk of actually getting the flu. It is important to understand the facts. The flu vaccine does not contain a live virus and therefore cannot infect someone with the flu. There are two common explanations for discomfort after a flu vaccine:

  • The individual was sick before the vaccine. It can take up to 2 weeks after vaccination for the body to build up its immunity.
  • The individual’s body is simply reacting to a foreign substance in the body. This generally leads to soreness around the vaccination area and tiredness. This is not a result of the flu and symptoms generally pass within a few days.

The biggest danger and risk of the flu vaccine is not getting one.