Reference: The Right Occ Health Provider

A Handy Reference for Finding the Right Occupational Health Provider For You

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Occupational Health

Hospital staffing agencies know that speed is a top priority when it comes to placing a candidate. But when it comes to speed, staffing companies are facing their biggest slowdowns right at the finish line of the placement process, the pre-employment medical exam.

Getting your candidates through this last phase can be rough, but when you ally with the right  occupational healthcare provider, it can be easy and fast. Below is a handy reference for those looking for the right occupational healthcare provider to help speed up their processes.

Follow this guide when you’re looking for an occupational healthcare provider, and your organization can make the most our of it’s partnerships. And if you you want more great advice, you can find it in our book, Winning the Placement Race, available now!


Handy Reference