Recruitment Strategies Organized For Speed

HIring Practices can organize and speed-up your hiring process

Mobile Health has already gone far and beyond. I would like to thank the entire staff, especially the clinician that drew my blood. She made me feel really comfortable.
—Mobile Health Patient
Recruitment Strategies for healthcare organizations

Poor Recruitment Strategies

Hospital staffing agencies work hard to get their people placed faster than others. It’s easy to see why. Organizing your recruitment strategies doesn’t just speed-up your business. It also makes placing candidates easier. Better hiring means beating other staffing agencies and making your candidates happy.

Many hospital staffing agencies look to sneaky backdoor methods and pricey business partners for help. But the answer may be different than they think. Simply getting Electronic Medical Records will help your recruitment strategies for good.

The Answer

Below is a new piece of the audiobook for Mobile Health’s, Wining the Placement Race.


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This part of Winning the Placement Race is about how to avoid the slowdowns caused by having to deal with a large amount of paperwork. Paperwork that comes from medical clearances makes everything slower, and your business can do better. Papers hurt you worse than just making things harder to find, they make good candidates look for something better. In this chapter you’ll learn what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it, including:

  • Why paper is slowing you down
  • How to organize your recruitment process for speed
  • What digital documents can do for you
  • Why medical clearances need a digital solution
  • How your business can grow with digital documents
  • How you can place candidates faster with a digital documents
  • And much more

We hope that you like this segment, but there’s more to learn. If you like what you just heard, you can read more on our website. The rest of the Winning the Placement Race Audiobook will be ready soon, but if you’d like to read it in print, it’s available now. In the book, you will learn the best ways to make your business faster. You will also learn to fix your recruitment strategies so that they are easier on everyone.

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