Recruit Easy With Digital Records

Digital medical records help hospital staffing companies recruit easy!

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Recruit Easy with Electronic Medical Records

Recruit easy, live easy. That’s the motto for a lot of staffing companies. However, while many people have looked high and low for a solution to their placement slowdowns, few have stopped to think that the answer may be easy. Ditching old paper records and getting electronic record keeping makes things easy and fast for recruiters. The article below is taken from our book, Winning the Placement Race, and it has some great advice on how paper is slowing you down. For more great advice, check out book, available now.


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Record Management is Time Management

What your business may not get is that it needs to improve the way that it accesses and stores information. Handling all of the forms and paperwork that your candidates bring in is time consuming and slows things down. Not just that, but dealing with papers also makes things harder for your clients.

Making things easy for you candidates, as well as your clients, is best done through electronic record keeping. But even in the digital age, many staffing companies are still accepting paper record keeping and slowing down as a result.

One way to fix this is by getting an electronic document management system (EDMS). An EDMS will help your company to get its data more easily and securely. It will also help make moving from older to newer forms less painful. An  EDMS will also ease the burden that comes with client audits.

Recruit Easy with Better Technology

Another side of this issue that many companies may not have thought of is the effect their provider’s paper documents have on their placement speed. While it is easy to see that paper record keeping works against your goals, it’s also important not to accept paper medical records from the other companies that you’re dealing with.

If you’re dealing with provider whose best way of giving you your candidate’s medical records is a fax machine,  then you have a problem. Paper provider records mean you haven’t saved as much time as you thought you did by getting an EDMS. Not only that, you still have to make sure that those medical reports are readable, accurate, and fully filled out. That means that you’re going to place your candidates slower than you would otherwise.

Pretty much every part of the process becomes quicker and easier when everyone is on the digital bandwagon. So if you really want to recruit easy, find an occupational health provider that’s on the digital train.

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