Workplace Health Screenings Reflect Mobile Roots

You will see what we have seen over the past four years—an excellence and pride in the amazing service they provide and care that they deliver.
—Mobile Health Client
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When thousands of frontline workers urgently needed respirator fit tests (RFTs) at New York City hospitals, Mobile Health delivered those services at the hospitals themselves. Providing workplace health screenings returned us to our ‘mobile’ origin.

Mobilizing in this manner reminds us of those roots and their influence on our company’s journey and services.

Road-Tested Occupational Health

Back in 1984, company founder and chairman Bert E. Brodsky launched Mobile Health with a single truck. Under Bert’s vision, Mobile Health became the first company of its kind to provide door-to-door occupational health services around New York City.

Over time, that single truck evolved into seven brick-and-mortar clinics across the five boroughs of New York. ‘Mobile’ translated into national expansion with over 3,300+ partner providers coast to coast. Add to that a roster of pre-employment screening services, from physicals to drug and alcohol testing. But throughout our growth, our mission remained unchanged: to provide quality, innovative, and cost-effective health care solutions to the patients, communities, and employers we serve.

More often of late, we’ve taken those workplace health screenings on the road, like providing onsite RFTs for dentists to meet ADA guidelines for safely reopening dental practices. And conducting onsite temperature screens and COVID-19 testing events for larger employers.

Mobile Services Redefined

‘Mobile’ is what we do. Consider the definition of  ‘mobile:’ capable of moving or being moved readily.

Being mobile also means right-sizing screening solutions for smaller businesses that we move from our doors to yours. For example, our FIT KIT enables OSHA-compliant remote Respirator Fit Tests by smaller businesses for up to 50 employees.  Packaged with FIT KIT is guidance and support from Mobile Health, the next best thing to our being there.

Embracing our mobile roots, we’ve launched Back to Work COVID-19 temperature screening and testing where, once again, we can meet you at your place of business.

So while we’ve long since retired that single truck, our Mobile Services team is fueled up and ready to hit the road and serve you, wherever you are.

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