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Tuberculosis Chest X-ray to Confirm Disease:

If you recently tested positive for tuberculosis via a PPD test or QuantiFERON exam, medical experts recommend you get a tuberculosis chest X-ray (as close to the exam date as possible). The TB X-ray of your chest will confirm the presence of active tuberculosis in your lungs. While a positive PPD test or QuantiFERON result may indicate tuberculosis in your system, only a tuberculosis chest X-ray allows clinicians to determine whether you have the active form of the disease.

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Tuberculosis chest X-rays provide an extra level of precaution against false positives, which can occur during tuberculosis testing. These false positives result more frequently from a PPD test than from a QuantiFERON analysis.  However, in either case, you should follow up a positive test result with a TB chest X-ray immediately.

In order to protect workers and patients, many organizations like home health agencies, hospitals, and assisted living facilities will not allow employees to keep working if they have tested positive for tuberculosis, due to the disease’s serious and highly contagious nature. Instead, they will require an X-ray of the chest to demonstrate that a worker does not have active tuberculosis and meets the standards of a tuberculosis-free environment.

Some people may always test positive for tuberculosis, but have negative TB chest X-ray results. In the future, these people should not receive annual chest X-rays to prove they are free of active tuberculosis. Instead, they should request a tuberculosis screening questionnaire. Depending on an organization’s compliance policies, they may require regular X-rays of the chest.

tuberculosis chest x-ray

Identifying Tuberculosis:

The tuberculosis chest X-ray is a simple procedure that involves getting an X-ray taken of the chest from multiple angles. A clinician will then review the results to determine if the lungs show signs of advanced pulmonary tuberculosis, which is an advanced stage of a very contagious and dangerous disease.

The disease of tuberculosis becomes visible when a trained clinician takes a chest X-ray. In cases of active tuberculosis, the X-ray will reveal tubercules to the clinician. Tubercules look like several light areas called opacities that run together (coalesce). These indicate the presence of active tuberculosis.

If an X-ray shows that someone truly has tuberculosis, medical experts recommend they seek treatment immediately.

Getting Radiology Services:

Scheduling an X-ray at Mobile Health is a simple process. The first step is to request an appointment online or by calling 212-695-5122.

Once Mobile Health confirms your appointment, you will receive an exam number as your confirmation. This exam number will allow our clinics to know your contact information and the services you have scheduled. Having this information will help expedite your visit and allow you to schedule future appointments more easily.

On the day of your appointment, we recommend you arrive at the exact time of your appointment. Arriving too early or late may delay the time it takes to be seen.

After registration, one of our medical providers will call you and direct you to your procedure.

Results from your TB chest X-ray are generally available 2-3 days after your exam and can be picked up at a Mobile Health location, or they can be mailed to you.

If your employer has requested the appointment on your behalf, the results will be sent to them directly.