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Employee Radiology Services

Why a Tuberculosis Chest X-Ray?

Employers in home care, healthcare, or other public health fields must often ensure their employees are not infected with active tuberculosis. Also, employers in industries like universities, public schools, and volunteer organizations face similar demands. Mobile Health’s employee radiology services help employers to comply with these mandates.

PPD shortage

Occasionally, an employee will receive a positive result from a tuberculosis screening, either through a PPD test or QuantiFERON exam. To be considered tuberculosis free, any employee that tests positive during a tuberculosis exam must be given a TB chest X-ray as a final determination of active tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis chest X-rays provide an extra level of precaution against false positives, which can occur during tuberculosis testing. These false positives more often result from a PPD test than a QuantiFERON analysis. However, in either case, a positive test result should be followed up by a tuberculosis chest X-ray.

In most cases, employees with positive tuberculosis test results cannot return to work until they have been cleared by a chest X-ray that demonstrates they do not have active tuberculosis. Employees with a positive tuberculosis test result should be scheduled for a TB chest X-ray as soon as possible after receiving a positive tuberculosis test result.

tuberculosis chest x-ray

Tuberculosis Confirmation

A tuberculosis chest X-ray is a simple procedure that involves getting an X-ray taken of the chest from multiple angles. A clinician then reviews the results to determine if the lungs show signs of advanced pulmonary tuberculosis.

Usually, only employees that have tested positive for tuberculosis receive this procedure. However, some employees may always test positive for tuberculosis, but have negative TB chest X-ray results. There are several reasons for this, but these employees should not receive annual chest X-rays to prove they are free of active tuberculosis. Organizations with workers who have this history should request a tuberculosis screening questionnaire instead. Depending on an organization’s compliance requirement, these workers may need tuberculosis chest X-rays at different intervals.

Chest X-Ray Management

Getting your employees’ chest X-rays done at Mobile Health is easy. This process usually begins after they have been administered a PPD test or QuantiFERON analysis at one of our facilities.

You can access your employee’s tuberculosis test result digitally through our online Client Portal as soon as the result is ready. Also, our coding system will easily alert in case of a positive result.

From there, you can quickly schedule your employee’s TB chest X-ray from the client portal. When the results come back, you’ll have all of their records archived online in one place. This means that you can have all of your compliance documentation all in one place, ready to go.