Protecting Hospital Support Staff and Vendors

Their administrative services go above and beyond and are always quick to respond to any request or issue that may arise.
—Mobile Health Client

Current health challenges expand beyond frontline workers to legions of essential ‘behind the scenes’ hospital support staff and vendors, including security guards, laundry services, medical equipment vendors, and maintenance workers.

These repercussions will soon impact others as hospitals resume business operations.  For example, some hospitals will require representatives of medical device companies to wear N95 masks before admittance.

A key Mobile Health focus is to partner to protect hospital support staff and vendors. We foster compliance by providing occupational healthcare and employee screening services, including Respirator Fit Tests (RFTs) of N95 masks.

N95 Mask Fit Tests for Support Staff

The CDC and NYDOH recommends all essential workers wear N95 masks to filter airborne particles and liquid contamination. Additionally, OSHA requires a mandatory Respiratory Fit Test to assure the N95 mask fits properly and safely.

Mobile Health offers in-clinic RFTs as well as on-site RFT events for large groups. And soon, we will make available a remote RFT training system, FIT KIT, for smaller groups. FIT KIT is designed to allow small business owners to perform fit testing in their workplaces with guidance, support, and supplies from Mobile Health.

Contact us so we can scale a custom RFT solution to your workforce needs.

Employee Health Screenings and Compliance Approvals

During and outside of heightened moments like these, we remain a trusted provider of compliance approvals nationwide. A sampling of services available at our New York clinics or through one of 2,700 urgent care and medical facilities partners includes:

  • Comprehensive COVID-19 screening program: Return-to-Work package consists of temperature screenings, COVID-19 PCR Testing, antibody testing, and Record of Results.
  • Pre-employment physicals: Mobile Health’s occupational health locations can address all your pre-employment and annual exams in one visit.
  • Workplace drug testing: Whether industry-mandated or implemented to foster a drug-free environment, we offer a myriad of solutions for your drug testing needs, including expert advice.
  • Flu shots and vaccinations: We can administer flu shots quickly and easily before infection impedes your business.

Appointments are available next business day and test results are usually available in just a few days.  And with access to our web-based HIPAA-compliant Client Portal, clients can view and download important medical records from any mobile device.

We’re All in This Together

Reach out to learn how our occupational health screenings and compliance approvals can support your workforce needs now and in the future.