Pre-employment Medical Exam Made Quick and Easy

Fewer Occupational Health Providers = a Better Pre-employment Medical Exam

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Pre-employment Medical Exam consolidated

Pre-employment Medical Exam-The Gist: 

  • Allowing hospital staffing candidates to secure their own pre-employment medical exam means the process moves more slowly.
  • Candidates hate securing their own pre-employment assessments and may go to a different agency to avoid it.
  • Partnering with a good occupational healthcare provider will speed up your placements and save you money.

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Placing candidates is a lot like running a marathon, the final mile is the toughest. If you’re in the medical staffing industry, you know this better than anyone. After all, the final phase of the placement process is the most frustrating. The pre-employment medical exam phase is the final mile of placement, and your agency needs to improve the way it manages this hurdle if it wants to keep the best candidates and place them quickly.

Most of the time, staffing agencies will make their candidates “figure it out” and get back to them. This usually means that your candidates will go to their physician as well as two or three other occupational healthcare providers to get their pre-employment medical exam handled. That’s a problem.

The trouble is that there’s always a breakdown somewhere when you have that many moving parts. Your candidates will drag their feet, or their doctors will forget something, or the physician’s assistant will drop the ball. Not only that, but when something goes wrong, who do you turn to?

Your candidates’ physicians are busy worrying about their practice, not about giving you fast results. They’ll get to it when they get to it while you’re sitting there grinding your teeth and trying to be polite on the phone.

Of course, there’s always two sides to every story, and on the candidate side… they hate it just as much as you do. Your candidates don’t like having to visit three doctors across town in order to get their pre-employment medical exam If you make your candidates deal with the hassle of multiple occupational healthcare providers, they’re going to go somewhere else that has their stuff together literally and figuratively.

The solution to this problem is simple, even if it isn’t easy. Consolidate your occupational healthcare providers into one, and your business will attract better candidates and place them faster.

Getting an occupational healthcare provider that can handle all of your needs is a cost-savings strategy, not an expense. When you ally yourself with a healthcare provider that can give your candidates all of the pre-employment exams they need, you save time and the internal costs that come with having to deal with multiple providers.

Furthermore, growing your business means thinking long term, and you can’t think long term without thinking about getting the things you need in fewer places. Pre-employment exams are among the few things you can’t control in your industry. If you can limit the amount of moving parts, you’ll be able to keep yourself in the race.