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New patient queue system decreases waiting times

They have provided outstanding care to our candidates needing medical clearance to work on assignments for hundreds of our clients.
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Important Announcements

In 2015, Mobile Health introduced a new way to see patients at our medical facilities. Previously, patients were mostly seen in order of arrival, which meant that some patients late for their appointments were seen before those who arrived on time.

In order to have a fairer system where patients benefit for arriving on time, Mobile Health is introducing an A/B line. This change already in place in the Bronx and Brooklyn locations, and will soon start in Manhattan as well. We expect all locations to have a similar queue in the coming months.

Here’s how it works:

Patients who arrive either a half hour before or after their appointment, at the correct location, will be given an A ticket. Those who arrive either too early or too late outside the half hour window, or who arrive at the wrong location, will be given a B ticket.

Mobile Health will now call patients to be seen prioritizing the A tickets. This will allow patients who are on time to be seen quicker and finish their exams faster. Patients with the B tickets might have to wait a little bit longer.


Nicole arrives at 2:15pm for a 2:00pm appointment.
John arrives at 2:30 for his 3:00pm appointment.
Both are given A tickets.

Alex arrives at 2:00pm for her 10:00am appointment.
Tom arrives at 2:10pm for his 4:00pm appointment.
Both are given B tickets.

Even though the B ticket patients arrived earlier then the A ticket patients, the A tickets will have a higher priority since their arrival was within a half hour of their appointment.

We recommend that all clients forward this information to their employees, and make sure their arrival time is within half hour before or after of their appointment. This will lead to decreased wait times for all and a better experience for your employees.

Click here to see the poster that is posted at our locations that explains the program to patients

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