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On-Site Respirator Fit Testing

On-site qualitative respirator fit testing at your workplace

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Respirator Fit Testing

Why get respirator fit testing for your employees?

Legal compliance and employee safety!! Respirator Fit Testing (RFT) is mandated by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) on the federal level and state level for industries where to employees have to wear certain types of masks. Failure to comply can be costly to employers, as penalties can be up to $7,000 for the first offense and $70,000 for repeated offenses.

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What is qualitative respirator fit testing?

For job positions where a mask is required, Mobile Health specializes in the affordable and effective testing procedure called Qualitative testing. In this test, the employee wears the facemask along with a hood over their head. The tester then applies a series of test agents and gauges the employee’s ability to detect the smells and tastes. Individuals who are able to detect these agents must have their mask adjusted or changed for proper fitting.

Does Mobile Health also offer on-site Pulmonary Function Testing?

Absolutely! Many times a respirator fit test is done along with a Pulmonary Function Test (PFT). Whereas the respirator fit testing ensures the mask worn is the right fit and model for the employee, the pulmonary function test actually gauges the employee’s lung health. Most often employers use this test to develop a baseline to compare against future tests.
Having this established baseline helps in evaluating the cause of worker’s compensation claims, as well as making sure employees have the adequate protection for performing their job.

What are the benefits of on-site respirator fit testing with Mobile Health?

  • Convenience – All your employees can be tested at work, without having to travel, and can be tested collectively
  • Compliance – Our tests, medical staff, and online portal are entirely compliant with medical regulations
  • Reporting – Mobile Health on-site clients can access their employees biometric reports through our compliant proprietary HIPAA compliant portal.
  • Professional – Our skilled team of medical practitioners will efficiently and accurately perform biometric screenings at your workplace
  • Cost – Employers who take an interest in wellness programs can see a generated savings of $6 for every $1 spent on employee wellness. These savings are generally attributed to medical cost reductions and absenteeism savings.

What other on-site services does Mobile Health offer?

Mobile Health’s most common on-site services include: