DOT Physical Abilities Test

A physical ability test can help companies avoid potentially costly injuries.

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DOT physical ability test

An increasingly popular exam among Mobile Health’s DOT clients is the physical ability test.

These exams simulate the physical demands of a job and ascertain an employee’s ability to perform their job without risk of injury. Particularly for DOT candidates, a physical ability test can help companies avoid potentially costly injuries. These injuries impact employee health and safety as well as workers’ compensation claims. Just as importantly, a physical ability test can foster a healthier workplace. Contact us today with any questions about physical ability exams, or set up a corporate account above.

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Why do a physical ability exam?


Mobile Health has found that over 11% of physical ability exam takers fail the exam. This means that a sizeable chunk of a workforce are unable to physically perform their job.

Without the physical ability exam, the physical inabilities of these workers would have gone unnoticed. More importantly, these workers could easily suffer or cause severe injury on the job.

Pre-Employment Physical Ability Tests offer a great way to make sure an organization hires the right individuals for the right job. These evaluations can lead to reduced workplace accidents, lower workers’ compensation claims, and fewer employee work stoppages. They also can reassure a customer that employees of your company remain physically capable of performing their jobs.

What sort of companies request DOT physical ability tests?


Moving Companies & Driver Unloading Jobs:
Physical ability exams are often used by moving companies to see if employees can perform both the lifting and driving functions required by their job.

Employees of moving companies are expected to withstand high physical demands as part of their regular workday. Occasionally, these demands may exceed the employees’ physical abilities. This is why Mobile Health recommends a Physical Ability Test for all moving companies and other industries that have high physical demands of their employees.

Flatbed Drivers/Fleets:
Flatbed drivers can spend much of their time strapping down their loads. In these cases, conditions such as arthritis or nerve damage can impair a driver’s ability to both throw and fasten their straps. A physical ability exam can gauge a driver’s health for strapping down loads.

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