Mobile Health Technology Benefits for DOT Regulated Clients

On Mobile Health's portal, one person can schedule and track the status of all their employees’ tests and results.

They have provided outstanding care to our candidates needing medical clearance to work on assignments for hundreds of our clients.
—Mobile Health Client
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Mobile Health’s Technology Benefits:

Mobile Health’s unique client portal for corporate accounts provides a suite of technology benefits for DOT-regulated clients. Through this portal, one person can schedule and track the status of all their employees’ tests and results. As a result, relieving drivers of this responsibility decreases the likelihood of drivers forgetting an exam and being unable to work legally.

Mobile Health’s proprietary HIPAA compliant portal allows clients to schedule appointments, request background checks, review results, manage their billing, and browse past reports. Through one portal, our clients can schedule a DOT drug test, DOT physical and a background check at the same time. As soon as the results are available, your account is updated with the results. As an administrator, you only need one person and website to manage the entire pre-employment screening process.

Ultimately, Mobile Health’s HIPAA-compliant online client portal simplifies scheduling and tracking employee DOT drug tests & DOT physical exams, saving valuable time.

Paperless Drug Testing

Another technology benefit of having an occupational health provider who relies on online processes is the use of paperless procedures when administering the DOT drug test. Mobile Health conducts the entire process online, with all reports generated in digital format. This creates an advantage for large organizations with an extensive workforce engaged in safety-sensitive functions. Specifically, these businesses will no longer need to maintain physical files for long periods of time.

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