DOT Background Checks

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DOT physical ability test

Mobile Health can conduct a wide range of background checks, including DOT background checks that comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements.

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DOT commercial background checks can vary depending upon which type of vehicle is being driven (truck, bus, shuttle, etc.) and which type of license is needed (CDL, Hazmat, etc). Typically, DOT background screenings look at a driver’s criminal history and historic results of alcohol and drug testing.

Mobile Health also offers DOT compliant drug tests and DOT physicals.

Details from DOT Background Screenings

Mobile Health background screenings go into a fair amount of detail when it comes to employment verification of DOT candidates.  In general, these checks verify aspects of the previous three years of employment.

A DOT employment verification can check:

  • Accident history
  • Job title and salary
  • Reason for leaving and eligibility for rehire
  • Job performance and rating
  • Full drug and alcohol testing results history, including any confirmed positive drug tests, refusals to drug test, tampered samples, or confirmed positive alcohol tests
  • Treatment recordsIn addition to DOT compliant screenings, Mobile Health has a wide range of background check services and background check packages available.Why choose Mobile Health for your DOT health and drug testing needs?