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You can decrease workers' compensation premiums by up to 10% this year.

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What is Code Rule 60?

Code Rule 60 refers to a New York worker’s compensation reform act passed in 2007. Code Rule 60 reduces workers’ compensation premiums for businesses following certain employee health and workplace safety procedures, with the goal of reducing the number and severity of worker injuries.  These procedures include any of the following programs:

  • Safety program
  • Return-to-work program
  • Drug and alcohol prevention program

How can DOT-regulated fleets benefit from Code Rule 60?

The first year a New York based employer participates in Code 60 requirements, the company receives the following compensation credits:

  • A 4% workers’ compensation credit for enacting a safety incentive program.
  • A 4% credit for establishing a return-to-work program.
  • A 2% credit for putting in place a drug and alcohol prevention program.

What are the savings on workers’ compensation premiums?

The potential savings on workers’ compensation premiums are crystal clear. The first year, a company that installs all three workplace safety and loss prevention programs can save up to 10% on workers’ compensation premiums. A discount continues to apply for each year thereafter that a company remains in compliance with Code Rule 60.

The state mandates these premium reductions. Premium reductions must be given if qualified under Code Rule 60, no matter who your insurance broker or carrier. DOT-regulated fleets generally have all three policies in place already, particularly the drug test aspect. For this reason, it’s possible your fleet may already qualify for discounts under Code Rule 60. Workers’ compensation premiums for the transportation industry are very high and the 10% reduction in premiums can be a significant savings.

What are the requirements for Code 60 compliance?

To be eligible for workers’ compensation premium credits, an employer must:

  • Pay a yearly minimum of $5,000 in workers’ compensation premiums
  • Have an experience modified rating of under 1.30
  • Be in current compliance with Code 59 if previously forced to participate in Code 59
  • Institute one or more of the specified workplace safety and loss prevention programs

How can Mobile Health help?

Mobile Health conducts an initial consultation through your dedicated account manager. Your account manager reviews your policies, puts together a team of certification experts, and provides training in order to meet Code 60 workplace loss prevention certification. Contact us today for a free consultation. We can help you evaluate your current policy’s preparation for certification under Code Rule 60.

Mobile Health hosted a webinar on Code Rule 60 and responded to frequently asked questions. Read a recap of the webinar.

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