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Mobile Health offers total DOT health screening and drug testing solutions.

Mobile Health has shown my firm that they exceed the industry standard in their turnaround time.
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Mobile Health offers total DOT health screening and DOT drug testing solutions. Our DOT fleet health screening and workplace drug testing services make the task of maintaining a healthy and compliant workforce simple, convenient and affordable.

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Mobile Health’s typically used DOT services include:

  • Annual and pre-employment DOT physicals conducted by DOT-approved medical examiners
  • DOT 5 panel drug tests. Random, annual, and pre-employment drug testing is available, as well as breath alcohol tests. Mobile Health has seven medical centers approved for Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing. All centers follow strict DOT collection standards and use SAMHSA certified labs for results.
  • Physical Ability Tests. Physical ability tests simulate the physical demands of a job and ascertain whether or not an employee is able to perform their job without risk of injury. These exams are often used by moving companies to see if employees can perform both the lifting and driving functions required by their job. Thus, this procedure can help companies avoid costly injuries (in terms of employee health & safety, as well as in workers’ compensation claims), and can foster a healthier workplace.
  • Flu shots. Some fleets require drivers to avoid lost time due to flu by getting a flu vaccination.
  • Customized background checks that can check criminal records as well as employment verification. Make sure the driver you hired is legally able to do the job they’re hired for, as well as checking to see if they have experience in the field.
  • Full health screenings and more!

Ready to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Premiums?

Did you know that New York State Code Rule 60 mandates a 10% first year reduction in workers’ compensation premiums if a company establishes a drug testing program, a workplace safety program, and a return to work policy? As your fleet likely has these policies in effect already, you may already qualify for this deduction. Contact Mobile Health for more information.

The Mobile Health Advantage


Use one provider for drug tests, DOT physicals, flu shots, physical assessment tests (PATs), and even background checks. Choose from convenient DOT packages for affordable bulk services.



We monitor changing DOT and state regulations to find potential financial benefits for your company. Let us help get you approved under New York Code Rule 60 – and let us help you save up to 10% a year on workers’ compensation premiums!



As a Mobile Health DOT client, you will have access to an account manager who is responsible for you. You always have a point of contact, someone that can keep an eye on your needs and respond quickly to your concerns. This is nearly unique among New York City occupational health screening and workplace drug testing agencies.



Mobile Health has unparalleled technology in the occupational health field. Manage your fleet’s health appointments, drug test status, physical exam results from one easy-to-use client portal. One person can easily manage the appointments, drug tests, and health screening results and appointments for the fleet of drivers.



Mobile Health has over 35 years of experience in employee health screening and workplace drug testing. We have seven convenient New York City and Long Island locations, as well as the ability to go mobile and conduct screenings and medical services at a client’s site. Mobile Health is a local company that’s trusted by over 200,000 patients a year.

The Mobile Health Advantage is simplicity, reliability, responsiveness, technology and convenience. Contact an account manager today to simplify your DOT drug test and DOT health screening needs.



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