On-site Medical Clearances

On-site Medical Clearances to Save Time

Their ability to schedule and monitor our candidates' appointments makes our lives and jobs so much easier on so many levels.
—Mobile Health Client
Corporate Wellness

Who needs it?

Healthcare providers in many states are required by the local Department of Health (NYSDOH) to meet certain screening requirements for their employees. People working in hospitals, home care agencies, assisted living facilities, and other patient centered jobs must be given medical clearances in order to be fully compliant under state law. In all cases however, it is the employer’s responsibility to keep up-to-date records of each of their employees’ medical clearances.

Medical clearances must be given to employees both at the start of their employment as well as annually in order for an organization to be in full compliance with NYSDOH regulation. In order to assure themselves that all of their employees are screened in a timely manner, many companies will opt for an on-site medical clearance package from Mobile Health.

What is it?

During On-site Medical Clearance Services, Mobile Health sends a medical team to your location to administer all of the clearance exams that your organization requires. Mobile Health performs medical clearance services nationwide, and we will work with you to customize your clearance exams to fit your compliance needs and the needs of your diverse workplace.

While the precise medical clearance exams needed vary from business to business, they typically involve things like:

  • Height and weight measurement
  • BMI measurement
  • Systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings
  • Review of systems
  • TB tests
  • Vaccines
  • Titers
  • Flu Shots
  • Drug Screens

What happens during it?

Getting Mobile Health’s on-site medical clearances done at your organization is simple process that begins by submitting an On-site Medical Clearance Request Form. Our account managers can help review your organization’s needs and arrange an on-site visit at the best time for your organization.

Mobile Health providers will arrive at your organization at the date of the event with all of the supplies necessary for on-site medical clearances. However, it is necessary for an organization to provide a main point of contact, a clean and private space (conference rooms work best), a table with at least 2 chairs, and a list of employees with appointments.

Part of your account set-up includes access to the Mobile Health Client Portal. There you will have access to all medical clearance reports, which will be delivered electronically to the Client Portal in a HIPAA compliant format as soon as the day after the clinic is completed.

Scheduling appointments and reviewing results can be done 24/7 from any desktop computer. All records are archived online and easily accessed in the case of an audit or independent review.

There are a ton of great reasons for getting your medical clearances on site form Mobile Health, including:

  • Convenience – All your employees can be tested at work, without having to travel, and can be tested collectively
  • Compliance – Our tests, medical staff, and online portal are entirely compliant with medical regulations
  • Reporting – Mobile Health on-site clients can access their employees physical exam reports through our compliant proprietary HIPAA compliant portal.
  • Professional – Our skilled team of medical practitioners will efficiently and accurately perform employee physicals at your workplace