On-site Drug Testing

Easy on-site drug testing

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On-site Drug Test Needs

PPD vs QuantiFERON

Many organizations regularly require drug tests be performed on their staff for a multitude of reasons. The law requires that some industries drug test their employees annually and at the start of employment. However, other companies have experienced the benefits of a drug-free workplace policy, including lower turnover rates, less absenteeism, and greater productivity.

New York State even offers discounts on workers’ compensation premiums for businesses that establish drug-free workplace programs as a part of their Code Rule 60 incentives. Drug-free policies help to reduce drug use and medical costs while earning workers’ compensation premium credits. For those that want to enact a drug-free workplace program, or ensure workers’ annual drug screens go smoothly, on-site drug testing from Mobile Health makes an excellent choice.

What is it?

Mobile Health offers a range of drug testing solutions, from a pre-employment drug test to return-to-duty drug tests. Depending on your needs, our experts will design a solution that meets SAMHSA and DOT standards.

During an On-site Drug Testing event, Mobile Health’s medical professionals come to your location and administer all aspects of your desired drug screen. Whether a hair test, blood test, or urinalysis, our professionals can conduct a variety of drug screens conveniently and easily at your workplace.

How Does it Work?

Arranging an On-site Drug Test by Mobile Health takes only a few minutes. Interested businesses should submit an On-site Drug Test request form with their contact information and any questions. Our Account Managers will then reach out to review your needs, set up an account, and customize a smart on-site drug testing solution.

On the day of the event, Mobile Health providers arrive at your location with all of the supplies necessary for on-site medical clearances. However, the organization must provide:

  • A main point of contact
  • A clean and private space (conference rooms work best)
  • A table with at least two chairs
  • A list of employees with appointments

Your account includes access to the Mobile Health Client Portal, where you can retrieve all medical clearance reports. These reports will be delivered electronically to the Client Portal in a HIPAA-compliant format as soon as the day after the clinic.

Scheduling appointments and reviewing results can be done 24/7 from any desktop computer. All records remain archived online and easily accessible in the case of an audit or independent review.



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