Occupational Health for Nonprofits

Employee health compliance services for nonprofits

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Employee Screening for Nonprofits

Social Nonprofits strive to help the most vulnerable individuals at risk of disease, harm, and displacement. As organizations concentrate efforts in assisting this population, Mobile Health offers screening assistance to help keep workers and volunteers compliant with OSHA and DOT health regulations and record keeping. This assistance alleviates the burden of keeping track of medical requirements and fears of possible penalties during audits.

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Medical Services for Nonprofits

Just as for-profit employers, Mobile Health recommends that each nonprofit have a standard employee screening process. This process should include appropriate drug testing and background checks. These two screening tools help promote a safer workplace and a more productive environment.

Employees of some nonprofits may be exposed to tuberculosis, hepatitis, and other easily contagious infectious diseases. Consequently, some state and local laws may require screenings and immunizations. Even if not required by law, Mobile Health recommends that these employees (and volunteers as needed) receive the proper care for prevention and treatment.

Our nonprofit clients generally put together a simple package of:

Those with special needs may add Hepatitis vaccines or titers, have an expanded drug test, or add other screening requirements. All of these services may be done at a Mobile Health occupational health office in one visit.

Consistent Electronic Medical Reporting

Managing many workers and volunteers across different locations may make it more difficult to track individual medical records. For this reason, Mobile Health’s nonprofit clients have access to a free client portal. Here, they can organize all employee medical compliance data through a secure HIPAA web-based system.

Through the client portal, nonprofit managers can manually schedule employee screenings and services. Or, they can set up an employee roster to automatically schedule staff for annual exams. As exams are completed, all results are submitted electronically for review and archived.

No more doctors’ handwriting and no more inconsistent formatting from different providers. The client portal helps nonprofits focus more on their core mission instead of keeping track of individual slips of medical records.

Your Account Services Team

When questions do arise, nonprofits can feel confident ofMobile Health’s support. Our account services department acts as your dedicated team to help troubleshoot questions, understand results, or just ask for some best practice advice.

Instead of calling individual medical providers to ask about individual results, our account services department can help resolve most questions regarding exams. We staff this department with professional employees trained in our medical services as well as in customer service delivery.

Multiple Locations

If your organization is growing, then Mobile Health wants to be a partner in your success. Our medical centers all provide consistent services with consistent reporting.  Through our national network of occupational health providers and the client portal interface, nonprofits can manage a national workforce through a single login for their account.



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