Occupational Health Solutions

Custom solutions tailored to your industry-specific needs

Mobile Health has already gone far and beyond. I would like to thank the entire staff, especially the clinician that drew my blood. She made me feel really comfortable.
—Mobile Health Patient

Mobile Health performs a wide range of occupational health solutions for many different industries. We match our screenings and exams to your business needs and industry requirements, and offer fully customizable all-in-one solutions.

Building on our growth in New York City with 7 locations across the NY boroughs and Long Island, Mobile Health began expanding across the United States and now includes 3,000+ urgent care and provider-partners locations to serve our customers nationwide.

In addition, Mobile Health’s web-based client portal allows you to schedule employees and view reports from anywhere, making all the details instantly accessible and organized.


Occupational Health Services

Below is a partial list of the customized occupational health solutions and services Mobile Health offers.

Drug-Free Workplace Program

Looking for a way to lower absenteeism, improve employee productivity, and reduce Workers’ Comp costs? Instituting a drug-free policy at your workplace might be the answer. New York’s Workplace Safety Loss Prevention Incentive Program can save you 10 percent off your Worker’s Comp costs during the first year you implement a drug-free program, and 6 percent each year afterwards. Statistics also show that productivity increases, absenteeism decreases and the number of Workers’ Comp claims decrease when a business adopts a drug-free policy. Click here for more details.

Healthcare Physical Abilities Test (HPAT)

For industries that hire for labor-intensive positions, a physical abilities test (PAT) is a very effective pre-employment physical exam that is customized to replicate the physical demands of a particular job. A PAT tries to replicate the physical demands of a job description as closely as possible, but in a clinical environment. The PAT evaluates the employee’s capacity to perform work-related physical tasks as needed. Employers most often administer PAT’s to employees prior to placing them in a physically demanding position. However, many companies also choose to administer a PAT after an employee returns to work post-injury to determine if they are fit for duty.


Tuberculosis X-Ray and Case Management

Mobile Health provides tuberculosis (TB) testing and quick follow-up care for employees that test positive for TB. This includes physical exams, chest x-rays and comprehensive evaluations to determine whether active TB is present and the appropriate treatment options.

Wage Parity

Mobile Health offers a unique opportunity for home health agencies to offset the cost of compliance exams by including them as a health benefit for employees. By putting supplemental wage parity dollars towards a benefit, businesses can offer better benefits while saving money.


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