Winning the Placement Race, Now Available!

Mobile Health is proud to announce it's latest book, available online!

Mobile Health has already gone far and beyond. I would like to thank the entire staff, especially the clinician that drew my blood. She made me feel really comfortable.
—Mobile Health Patient
Winning the Placement Race

Occupational health provider, Mobile Health, announces the launch of, Winning the Placement Race, a new book by the employee screening provider written specifically for medical staffing agencies. Winning the Placement Race is available on Mobile Health’s website as both a digital download and direct mailer.

Winning the Placement Race was developed for medical staffing firms who are frustrated with being left behind by the competition. As hospitals continue to outsource their staffing needs, more and more firms are finding themselves in an overcrowded field, unable to keep up with their clients’ fast-paced demands.

In writing the book, Mobile Health Marketing Associate, Ben Gomez, realized that, “The importance of speed is too often seen as a side thought for agencies. They may consider every area of their business for improvement, but they neglect to consider how fast and efficiently they’re actually getting things done.”

Throughout the book, the reader is reminded that the value of having a consolidated network of vendors digitally connected is crucial to hiring and placing candidates faster. Firms still dependent on paper records and individual, handwritten notes are not going to keep up with competitors operating with electronic medical records and electronic document management systems.

When it comes to consolidating occupational health vendors, an excerpt from chapter 3 says: “One of the biggest hurdles any medical staffing company faces is pushing their candidates through each hospital’s vetting process. Every hospital and position has different requirements, and each candidate has different needs. Having every applicant hunt down their own assessments is a real problem. You’re wasting valuable time and resources to deal with this issue, and you may not even realize what you’re missing out on.”

Winning the Placement Race may not solve every problem hurting medical staffing firms, but it will provide actual advice and concrete direction on how to operate faster, place candidates faster, and grow faster. Because, as anyone in the competitive staffing world knows, speed itself is a competitive advantage.

Mobile Health is an occupational health provider specializing in employee screening and medical examinations for healthcare and staffing firms. They are headquartered in New York City, but offer medical services in 7 Northeast states. Most clients use Mobile Health as a main provider of pre-employment and annual exams as well as individual physicals, drug tests, tuberculosis testing, respirator fit test and other medical compliance requirements for employment.