Mobile Health NY Releases Infographic Showcasing the Costs and Dangers of Workplace Drug Abuse

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Workplace Drug Testing Infograph by Mobile HealthInfographic informs employers about the hidden costs of workplace drug abuse and the benefits of a pre-employment drug testing policy.

“America cannot afford to spend five times the NASA budget on employee drug abuse.”

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 28, 2013

Data compiled from multiple government and private sources paint a grim picture of America’s employee drug abuse problem. Mobile Health sourced this information and designed an easy to read infographic on “Examining the Risks and Costs of Employee Drug Abuse”. The information is designed to allow business owners to make an educated decision on why employee drug testing can save up to $7,000 per employee.

Illicit drug abusers are employed and putting businesses around the country at risk, along with their co-workers and customers. Reports show that 3 out of 4 drug abusers are employed and entrusted to perform their job duties. Unfortunately, their presence in the workforce might be more of a distraction.

Sober and responsible employees working in a safe environment are the least likely to be involved in workplace accidents. This leaves 65% of all such accidents attributed to drugs or alcohol. This does not imply that employees are indulging while at work, but might suggest that the lingering effect from the night before is impacting their performance the next day.

What does this mean for the national economy? The price tag is believed to be over $100,000,000,000 each year, or $7,000 per employee. In times of economic difficulties, America cannot afford to spend five times the NASA budget on employee drug abuse. Even if companies continuously replace employees who contribute to the problem, every replacement is costing over $3,500.
One of the prevailing reasons why employers shy away from an employee drug testing program is administrative fear, or perceived high costs. The data shows a different story where for every $1 spent on a testing policy, $16 in savings are realized. The ROI is incredible and indisputable. The savings comes from reduced disability, medical, pharmacy costs and reduced worker’s comp.

For the companies who did initiate a drug testing policy, the results are impressive. 1 out of 5 experienced increase in employee productivity. Better quality employees increase the overall morale of the office, as well as remove those who slow down everyday operations. In addition to increased productivity, absenteeism decreased by 9%. This decrease is likely tied to the abusers who were pro’s at ‘calling out Monday’.

For companies who want to see these results and experience these benefits, a pre-employment drug testing policy is a must. A local screening laboratory can help your business initiate a testing policy and manage the entire testing process.

Mobile Health is a New York City employee screening company specializing in occupational health, drug testing, and background checks. Their 6 medical centers in New York and Long Island see 200,000 individuals a year for over 300 organizations. Certifications include a SAMHSA lab, DOT testing, and electronic HIPAA compliance.

Workplace Drug Testing Infograph by Mobile Health

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