Mobile Health Is Your COVID-19 Vaccinator

Their services allow us to get our candidates to work quicker and, in turn, satisfy our clients.
—Mobile Health Client

Mobile Health provides program management, staffing, and technology for vaccine administration. Across the United States, Mobile Health is partnering with municipalities, state and local Departments of Health, and private organizations to distribute and administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

Mobile Health is a New York-based occupational health provider for 37+ years. Disease prevention and testing are core to what we do. We bring our experience, technology, and team to handle all the details for your vaccine administration. 

End-to-End Vaccine Administration Services 

When your COVID-19 vaccine doses become available, Mobile Health is your one-stop healthcare provider. We handle everything from site set-up to patient scheduling to vaccine administration, at your location. When planning a vaccine event or an ongoing program, many organizations must consider the following: 

  • Technology. How will I schedule patients? Track doses? Report to Departments of Health? 
  • Staffing. Where can I get medical professionals to draw vaccine, counsel patients, administer the shot, and monitor for reaction? 
  • Program Management. There are a million details – who will handle the administrative side? How about medical oversight? 

Mobile Health handles all of this. We’re not a medical staffing firm. We’re not a technology firm. And we’re not a program management company. We’re all of these things in one. We are your occupational health provider. 

Example Mobile Health Vaccine Programs 

Mobile Health is working with organizations across the United States to provide on-site vaccine administration. Examples include: 

  • Mobile Health is a New York Community Vaccinator with locations actively serving thousands of patients per week. 
  • Mobile Health has two vaccination clinics on site for the NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), including one in Grand Central Terminal, to vaccinate New York City Transit employees. 
  • Mobile Health is working with municipalities to provide on-site vaccine administration to eligible residents. 
  • Mobile Health is managing on-site COVID-19 testing programs for primary schools, higher education, and private and public businesses. We are testing tens of thousands of patients per week, on-site, at their locations. 

Let’s Plan Your Event Today – Be Prepared 

Vaccine availability can happen on short notice. Wcan mobilize a vaccination team in just a few days. However, it’s never too early to discuss your vaccination needs with a Mobile Health COVID-19 Vaccinator specialistWe can provide details on site set-up as well as our vaccine administration technology platform, which simplifies patient scheduling, vaccine dose management and health department reporting.  

So when those long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine doses are safely in your hands, you’ll be in good hands. Ours. 

Learn more about Mobile Health COVID-19 Vaccinators. 

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