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Each day, Mobile Health prioritizes the care of patients scheduled for occupational health screenings at a NY Mobile Health clinic or one of 2700+ nationwide locations. Over our 35-year history, however, those patients and procedures begin to add up, especially as our national network of medical providers expands. We recently took stock to identify Mobile Health utilization trends, down to the number of patients served and procedures delivered as well as top procedures.

Half a Million Procedures Annually

Our recent data dive found that 170,000+ patients walkthrough Mobile Health doors annually, requiring one or more occupational health screenings or pre-employment medicals.  Overwhelmingly, women comprise the majority — 85 percent — of Mobile Health patients.

For these patients, medical staff performs half a million health screenings and procedures in a single year. Add to that 171,000+ physical exams conducted during that period. Both metrics represent tremendous growth from Mobile Health’s single-truck origins back in 1984.

Additionally, an analysis of utilization trends* found that drug screens, including DOT and non-DOT drug testing, topped the list of performed services. Specifically, Mobile Health medical staff in New York performed 115,000 drug screens for employer drug testing or other purposes.

Following drug testing, here are the next most common health screenings, in descending order by demand:

*Data analysis for NYC only.

Fit Test Pandemic Pivot

The utilization trends above represent a snapshot in Mobile Health time. In reality, many factors, including disease outbreaks and government and industry regulations, impact demand for particular health screenings.

For example, the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled demand for Respirator Fit Tests (RFTs) as more frontline workers and industries don N95 masks to access hospitals. Responding to overwhelming requests, Mobile Health performed record numbers of RFTs at onsite events in recent months, for groups as diverse as hospital workers, dentists and medical device sales reps.

As COVID-19 hot spots tax hospitals around the country, demand for our mobile RFT teams remains high.

As a result, RFT metrics may rise in the ranks in a future analysis.

Patient Care Our Constant

Because healthcare and the world constantly evolve, there’s no such thing as an average day for Mobile Health. However, some things remain constant as we serve growing numbers of employers and businesses: the quality and efficiency of the care we provide to each patient we meet.

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