Meet the Staff: Kathy Ewbank, Bronx Site Manager

Improving the level of care and service in the Bronx.

From my physical, to the drawing of my blood, the staff was very professional and I was pleased.
—Mobile Health Patient
Bronx Site Manager

For this second edition of Meet the Staff, we are getting to know Kathy Ewbank, the new Bronx Site Manager. She is responsible for overseeing Mobile Health’s Bronx medical center’s day to day operations. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Kathy is a caring individual who decided to pursue a career where she would have the opportunity to help and care for others. Picking nursing over teaching, she got her Bachelors in Nursing from Florida State.

As Kathy became more experienced in healthcare, she started to develop an interest in healthcare administration. Prior to Mobile Health, Kathy worked as a RN Manager at a local primary care facility. Working as a manager overseeing fellow healthcare professionals, Kathy learned how to use organizational resources to help more people in more ways. Seeking greater creative opportunities in establishing a better practice, Kathy joined Mobile Health’s Bronx office in the summer 2014.

Currently living in Westchester, Kathy is very excited about commuting to the Concourse neighborhood of the Bronx after learning about its rich history. The medical center is located in the 2nd floor of the historical Wagner Building. The Wagner Building features a classic Art Deco design and was the site of a John F. Kennedy speech a few days before he beat Nixon in the 1960 election. Kathy really appreciates the ability to pursue her career while being a part of such a historically rich part of New York City. She shares, “When I was young, my uncle would talk me on walks around lower Manhattan and have stories about every sign and building and corner. I was amazed at all the history that existed right where I was standing”.

In the spirit of helping others, Kathy has great plans for the Bronx. She is already looking into ways to increase patient customer service and to make the office more inviting and comfortable. Immediate tasks Kathy took on is to renovate the waiting room and to redesign the way patients are called to reduce the waiting time for most.

Another area Kathy is interested in improving is patient education. She shares a story that occurred a few times:

“Patients would come in asking for a PPD test, even though they had a previous positive PPD. I want to encourage patients to understand the positive status and keep documentation of the exam to avoid duplicate PPD implants.”

To Kathy, patient knowledge and awareness is a crucial part of providing quality healthcare. She hopes to create awareness by providing a series of articles educating patients about their procedures done.

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