Meet Chief Sales Officer James Anderson

I had no problems. Mobile Health was very courteous and organized.
—Mobile Health Patient
James Anderson Chief Sales Officer

Throughout his healthcare career, James Anderson has never hesitated to immerse himself in a new sector or service. As Regional Marketing Manager for a company providing home-based rehabilitation for the elderly, he became fluent in chronic conditions and disease process. In subsequent marketing roles, he absorbed all he could about senior care and hospice services.

So naturally, when the pandemic drove a need for thousands of NYC healthcare workers to secure Respirator Fit Tests, he immediately ramped up on the procedure. He then assembled a large-scale Respirator Fit Test event for those workers at a New York hospital — all on 72 hours notice.

As he advanced professionally, while broadening his knowledge base, Anderson also constructed sales teams, trained, expanded territories and build strong high-level partnerships. Those responsibilities form the foundation of his role as Mobile Health Chief Sales Officer.

Growing the Mobile Health Network

Anderson joined Mobile Health in 2017 as Director of Business Development, leading a small team to drive new business and energize existing client relationships. By that time, the company had expanded its national footprint to approximately 175 partner provider locations where clients could obtain the same services performed in its New York clinics.  In the first year overseeing Network Operations, his team doubled the number of those partnerships, enlisting urgent care centers and ‘Mom and Pop’ occupational health practices to join the Mobile Health provider network.

Today, Mobile Health offers clients the choice of 3,000+ locations across the country where they can obtain services. This medical network extends Mobile Health’s reach to non-NYC clients and to businesses with dispersed workforces.

Anderson credits his own team as well as Mobile Health’s technology, customer service and clinical expertise for the company’s aggressive growth. “Today, we have a much more structured sales focus. We’ve grown our market presence and enhanced customer satisfaction with our network expansion.  It’s really exciting to see all the progress we’ve made.”

Onsite Respirator Fit Test Template

COVID-19 forced a dramatic pivot for Mobile Health as requests for N95 Respirator Fit Tests (RFTs) surged. James Anderson recalls the challenges of sourcing PPE, staffing hospital events when many feared working, and clocking 17-hour days to fit-test 5,000+ healthcare workers. “We were tactical,” he says of the event pacing that permitted enough time to explain the process to anxious workers while maintaining sufficient throughput.

Those pandemic-driven RFT on-site events ultimately provided the template for the company’s current large scale fit testing programs. “Where before COVID-19, we had a handful of people conducting fit tests out of suitcases, today we can confidently contract for 17,000 RFTs,” he says.

Having performed countless RFTs, Anderson currently provides live training on fit testing, PPE use, OSHA compliance and sanitation protocols for clients of FIT KIT, Mobile Health’s DIY Respirator Fit Test solution.

Pivotal Partnerships

Beyond network partnerships, Anderson views initiatives such as the recent Mobile Health-GHX Respirator Fit Test collaboration as pivotal to the company’s success. “Not so long ago, we were a homegrown New York City business, with 90 percent of volume coming from our New York City clients,” he says. “Now, these enterprise opportunities help to expand our brand awareness. Organizations like GHX work with the majority of healthcare vendors in the United States. When the name ‘Mobile Health’ starts to resonate during conversations about occupational health, we will see the downstream effects.”

Collaborators benefit equally, he adds, owing to Mobile Health technology, customer service, pricing consistency and rapid turnaround times. “We’re helping to ease the pre-employment screening process for all of their candidates.”


While proud of Mobile Health’s corporate expansion, James Anderson also prizes his employer’s supportive, family-like atmosphere. He prioritizes family outside of work, and also enjoys polishing his golf game, playing basketball, and watching sports, concerts and plays.