Student Vaccinations

Helping students fulfill their medical clearance requirements

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Back-to-school Vaccinations

Student Vaccination

Mobile Health offers titers and student vaccinations for incoming students about to attend class at community colleges and universities nationwide. Whether you’ve missed a dose of your TDaP vaccine, or you need an MMR proof of immunity, you can get your vaccination needs filled at Mobile Health’s 60+ occupational health locations.

Common Student Vaccinations Needed

If you’re unsure what vaccinations you need, you can follow the link to find out which vaccinations are required by state. However, the most common vaccinations that community colleges and universities require are:

  • Measles vaccine
  • Mumps vaccine
  • Rubella vaccine

Most colleges and universities will not let students attend classes without first proving that they are immune to these diseases. These vaccines often come together in a single shot commonly called the MMR vaccine. Usually people get this vaccine when they are young.

However, people can end up missing a dose during childhood or may not have their immunization records available. If someone is unsure of their vaccination history they should get a blood titer before getting a vaccination. Blood titers or titer tests are simple blood draws that indicate whether someone is immune to a disease. Titers are an acceptable proof of immunity for schools, and can be accepted instead of an immunization record.

Optional Student Vaccinations

Some schools require additional student vaccinations to the ones required by law. But even if it’s not required, it’s strongly suggested that all students get the following:

  • Tetanus vaccine
  • Diphtheria vaccine
  • Pertussis vaccine
  • Meningococcal vaccine
  • HPV vaccine
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Varecella vaccine
  • Seasonal flu shot

The tetanus, diphtheria, and pertusis vaccines, like the MMR, all come packaged in one vaccine called the TDaP vaccine.

Medical Student Vaccinations and More

Generally, students of medical fields are required to have all of their vaccines up-to-date. These include both the common vaccines required by law, as well as some of the vaccinations that would be optional for other students. In addition to these requirements, medical students require additional screening before they begin to work with patience. A full screening for a medical student would look something like this:

  • MMR vaccine
  • TDaP vaccine
  • Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Hepatitis C vaccine
  • Varecella vaccine
  • Seasonal flu vaccine
  • Tuberculosis test
  • Physical
  • Drug Screen
  • Respirator Fit Tests

If you want to get your vaccinations done at one of Mobile Health’s nationwide locations, it’s as easy as filling out a request appointment form or calling 212-695-5122. Once you fill out the form, our customer service department will schedule you for your appointment.

Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an exam number as your confirmation. This exam number will allow our clinics to know your contact information and what services you’re scheduled for. Having this information will help expedite your visit and allow you to schedule future appointments more easily.

On the day of your appointment we recommend that you arrive as close to the time of your appointment as possible. Arriving too early or late may delay the time it takes to be seen.

After registration, you’ll be called by one of our medical providers to either have your blood drawn for a titer, or be given a vaccine injection. Your medical records are generally available 2-3 days after your exam and can be picked up at a Mobile Health location, or they can be mailed to you.

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