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Free Prescription Discount Benefit Cards

As a courtesy to our patients, Mobile Health is offering free prescription discount benefit cards. These cards are not an insurance plan, nor is it designed to replace an insurance plan. Users can expect a savings of up to 50% off the prescription retail price – although this will vary depending on the medication and pharmacy. Fill out the form below to access your free prescription discount benefit card.

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Prescription benefit discount cards are pre-activated, require no set-up, and are ready to use once you get them. They can also be shared with family and friends who would enjoy saving up to 50% off their prescription purchases.  The cards are available at all Mobile Health locations or online by downloading it from our website. There is no activation or set-up process – you can start using the card and save immediately. Just present it to your participating pharmacist when dropping off the prescription, and they will apply the savings for you.