Medical Screenings for Individuals

Occupational health and medial clearances for individuals & students

The staff made me feel welcome and at ease. They were pleasant and professional in carrying out their duties.
—Mobile Health Patient

Mobile Health offers many medical screenings for individuals. These services are available both at our 7 locations across New York and from our 3,300+ partner providers around the country.  Simply choose the location closest to you. Mobile Health is convenient, efficient and offers 35+ years of experience in providing medical screenings for individuals as well as businesses of all sizes.

Students Welcome

We welcome all students. For example, you may be graduating a program that requires a medical clearance, or entering a new career field that mandates certain health exams. Mobile Health’s doors are open to those students and anyone else who needs a full health exam and drug screen, if needed. For example, students preparing to attend a community college or university class might need to catch up on titers and student vaccinations.  And students unsure of their vaccination history can get a blood titer prior to getting a vaccination.

In all cases of medical screenings for individuals, Mobile Health makes it easy to make an appointment, or simply request a quote on a medical service. Once you submit your request, our customer service team will get back to you with pricing and availability. Once you make an appointment, please arrive on time to avoid a longer wait.  Also, note that Mobile Health does not accept health insurance at this time, but you may pay for your services with cash, debit or credit card.

Once you’ve completed your health screening or service, it’s easy to get a copy of your medical report.  Most results are available within two to three days. You can request these results online or in writing. Once Mobile Health processes your request, we will mail your medical report to you.

In regards to medical screenings for individuals, be assured that services performed by Mobile Health medical professionals conform to the latest regulatory requirements and guidelines:


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