From Healthy Aides to Healthier Agency

A Home Care Guide to Employee Medical Testing

Their organization and employees, both working in the clinics and in the administrative offices, have shown overwhelming knowledge and passion for providing the very best care.
—Mobile Health Client

Are you a home care agency looking to spend less time hiring?

Shouldn’t there be a less extensive way to get candidates placed to cases?

The Mobile Health ‘From Healthy Aides to Healthier Agency’ takes home care executives, hiring managers, and compliance experts through the different ways your employee compliance exams can impact your agency and its growth.

You can actually:

  • Reduce workplace injuries (worker’s comp claims!)
  • Reduce employee absenteeism (missed cases!)
  • Reduce audit penalties (lost revenue!)

All by screening smart, right, and effectively.

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‘From Healthy Aides to Healthier Agency’ breaks down the medical know-how of TB testing and Immunizations and addresses them from business perspective of lowering cost and increasing cases.


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Chapter 1: Your Agency Starts With…

Chapter 2: What’s a Quanti Got to Do with It?

Chapter 3: Decrease Risk & Drug Abuse

Chapter 4: Build Immunity and a Better Agency

Chapter 5: Hire with Facts, not Guesswork

Chapter 6: Less Worker’s Comp with the Right Hires

Chapter 7: Setting Standards for Home Care Onboarding

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