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Mobile phones today have almost become indispensable. Given the technological advances, they currently double up as almost everything from your personal laptop to your inevitable notebook, your music system to even your very own health gear. The more the technology enables, the better the integration happens. Of course they have come a long way from the chunky heavy versions of the 1980s and 90s.

According to available data, as the 2000’s approached, these devices kept getting smaller and sleeker and continued to become more inclusive in their function profile. Improvisation began gradually in a step by step process, from starting to include games, music and then the smart phone of today started taking shape in version after version. Versatility has become synonymous with smart phones today and from socializing to business it is the most important accessory today.

Currently the number of mobile users surpasses the 4 billion mark worldwide and is constantly on the rise. In an effort to analyse the current trend, determine the raw statistics of user trends and the top ranking applications, Coupon Machine, has introduced this unique concept of continuously updating the average mobile trends on any given day.

This realtime data analytics also incorporates data from several other internet sources like web searches, ad revenues and user statistics from What’s App, Facebook and other mobile e commerce sites that generate user trends or operate on user preference mode. The numbers could at times be hugely mindboggling but they spell out trends loud and clear. Did you know, for example, that Google searches generated $3 million ad revenues and a whopping 8 million purchases were made through Paypal so far worldwide. Close to a billion WhatsApp messages have been exchanged even as we speak and nearly 30 million users have accessed Facebook.

Essentially these numbers are just indicators of the growing usage and the kind of opportunities that could open up for mobile commerce initiatives. This perhaps best explains the craze for apps now. From weather and temperature to local transport you practically now have an app for everything and that is all due to what these statistics indicate. Mobile world or smartphones are indeed the next big profit avenues. What is even more encouraging that the trend is showing no sign of slowdown. Mobile access is a phenomenon that is being extended to the poorest nations and figures very high on the aspiration list of both haves and have-nots. So make the trend your friend and more power to mobile accessibility and ecommerce.
If you want to see just how much people use their mobiles in real time, check out the graphic for yourself!


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