Health Alert: 2015-2016 Flu Season Is Here

NY Health Authorities Announce the Arrival of the 2016 Flu Season

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Flu Season is Officially Here

New York Department of Health authorities announced last Thursday, 2/11/2016, that the influenza virus is now prevalent in New York, prompting the official beginning of the 2016 influenza season.

This means that as of last Thursday, February 11th, New York State Sanitary Code (10 NYCRR § 2.59) requires all health care and residential facilities as well as agencies to ensure that all personnel, not vaccinated against influenza for the current influenza season, wear a surgical or procedure mask while in areas where patients or residents are typically present.

If you are the proprietor of a health care agency, you must ensure that your workers are either vaccinated or wearing a face mask in order to be compliant under the law. If your workers haven’t had their 2015-2016 flu shot yet, you need to take immediate steps to make sure your workers are compliant.

Catching-up isn’t hard. Mobile Health has several options to get your staff healthy and compliant.

Vaccination Options

Add Flu Vaccine to Packages

If you’ve found yourself running behind, a good idea is to add the flu shot to the pre-employment or annual exam packages from Mobile Health. When you do this, you ensure that as many of your employees as possible are covered.

Flu Shot Express Appointments

If your aide already had their annual appointment however, Mobile Health also offers a wide range of solutions for your flu shot needs. Your aides can add a flu shot to their regular appointments with Mobile Health, or they can come in for a Flu Shot Express Appointment. They’ll be in and out and compliant with the flu shot regulations in 15 minutes or less.

On-site Flu Clinics

Mobile Health will even come to you! On-site flu shot services are available to insured employees at no-cost per vaccine. Our online scheduling and professional staff makes on-site visits easy and productive.

Insurance Accepted

Mobile Health accepts qualified health insurance as well as employee or employer paid vaccines, so along with flexible options, you are guaranteed the professionalism and technological advantages that come with 30 years in the industry.

Wage Parity Benefit

Don’t forget to ask us how your agency can provide aides with a flu shot under their wage parity benefits. It’s a great way to provide your aides with a great benefit that will help them stay compliant.

Flu season has taken a while to get here this year, so many home care aides have neglected to get their flu shots. Luckily, with Mobile Health’s many solutions to your flu shot woes, you can get it done quickly and pain free. That’s all for now, stay healthy!