Faster Placement in 3 Steps

3 Easy Ways Staffing Agencies Can Speed Up Their Medical Staffing Operation

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Faster Placement in 3 Steps

What you’re about to read are some tips taken in large part from our new book, Winning the Placement Race. In it you’ll find great advice about how to speed up your medical staffing placements, how to boost your digital marketing, and other smart ways of getting an edge in the medical staffing world. Get your copy today!


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If you’re like many medical staffing companies, you’re probably looking for ways to speed up your business. After all, every day the competition gets more cutthroat, your clients get more demanding, and quality candidates seem to get sparser. To make matters worse, you’re always racing against the clock.

Every staffing company knows that every moment wasted is an opportunity missed. If your medical staffing agency is looking for ways to speed up its business, you need to think first about how you’re going to speed up your placements. Here are three ways that every medical staffing company can put their candidate placement into overdrive.

1) Make sure our digital marketing is up to Snuff

Too many agencies think that if they do a good enough job in placing their candidates, they can avoid the matter of digital marketing altogether. That’s faulty thinking. Doing your work well is an excellent means of conducting business, but it’s all for naught if you do it in secret. Cultivating a strong digital presence will make you more visible to better quality candidates who are easier to place.

The solution to your digital marketing issues are not as complicated as you think either. In fact, the reason that many companies neglect to engage with digital marketing in the first place is that it sounds so scary. Digital marketing may sound like an elite corporate activity done by only the most tech-savvy egghead, but in reality it’s not so complex. Concentrate on having a readable website and strong social media presence, and you’ll attract easy to place, top talent.

2) Consolidate your Occupational Healthcare Providers.

One of the biggest hurdles any medical staffing company faces is pushing their candidates through each hospital’s vetting process. Every hospital and position has different requirements, and each candidate has different needs. Having every applicant hunt down their own assessments is a real problem. Getting an occupational healthcare provider that can handle all of your needs is a cost-savings strategy, not an expense.

When you ally yourself with a healthcare provider that can give your candidates all of the pre-employment exams they need, you save time and the internal costs that come with having to deal with multiple providers. Growing your business means thinking long term, and you can’t think long term without thinking about getting the things you need in fewer places. Pre-employment exams are among the few things you can’t control in your industry, but if you can limit the amount of moving parts, you’ll be able to keep yourself in the race.

3) Switch to Digital records and keep your administrative burden lighter

Staffing agencies need to improve the way that they access and store their information. Making things as easy as possible for their candidates, as well as their clients, is best done through electronic record keeping. Keeping electronic records, and demanding that the occupational healthcare providers you work with provide you with electronic medical records, will help you place your candidates faster.

Switching to an electronic document management system has a myriad of benefits, but the best one is that it makes clearing candidates quicker. With electronic medical records, you’ll be able to see at a glance which candidates are good to go, and which aren’t. You’ll place candidates quick as lightning and make things easy on yourself.

For more great tips on how to speed up your candidate placements, get a copy of our book, winning the placement race, available now!