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The entire process was very well run and the wait time between the different procedures was short. I was very impressed that the staff made the effort to learn some basic Chinese to help patients.
—Mobile Health Patient

FAQ Pages

Whether you are a new Mobile Health client or simply need a refresher on a particular task, these FAQ pages will provide the answers you need. Also, these helpful pages are illustrated with screen shots from the Mobile Health system to guide you through each step in a procedure.

Background Check FAQ

Review these Q&As to learn how to do any of the following:

  • Schedule a background check
  • Schedule a regular Medical appointment and a Background Check for the same employee
  • Determine the wait for a completed Background Check
  • Find your Background Check results

Client Portal FAQ

Review Client Portal FAQs to perform any of the following tasks:

  • Log in to your account
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Make changes to existing appointments
  • View exam results
  • Schedule multiple appointments
  • Use the Patient Dashboard
  • Understand a ‘No Show’ Report
  • Enter off-site PPD readings

Event Manager FAQ

Event Manager Q&As are useful when you need to learn to manage services provided by Mobile Health outside of Mobile Heath’s normal working hours and locations. These include on-site services, OSHA-mandated Respirator Fit Test events and seasonal Flu Shot Express clinics, among others.

Patient FAQ

Refer to this page for answers to common patient concerns related to the following:

  • Scheduling or Rescheduling an Appointment
  • Preparing for an Appointment
  • Requesting Exam Results
  • Accepted Payment Methods