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What Digital Medical Records Do For You

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Digital Medical Records

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The goal of any staffing agency should be to speed up the rate at which they successfully match their candidates with their clients. However, many staffing agencies find themselves stuck at the final phase of candidate placement– the pre-employment medical assessment.

At this point in the process, most agencies see themselves slow down to a crawl, but they can’t understand why this part of the placement process is so hard. What they don’t realize is that dealing with mounds of paperwork is slowing down their placement potential and causing them to fall behind their competition.

Staffing agencies have accepted paper records for their candidates’ pre-employment exams for so long that they haven’t even stopped to think about it. Simply put, relying on paper records for hundreds of their candidates is not a sustainable practice. Beyond the concerns of storage and security, paper records are cumbersome to transport and even more cumbersome to access. The bottom line is that paper exam results are slowing down staffing companies, and if they want to survive in the digital age, they have to find a better solution.

Beyond streamlining their own document management internally, one of the best things that a medical staffing company can do to overcome this problem is to contract with an occupational healthcare company that can provide digital medical records.

When an organization’s candidates’ medical records are delivered digitally, this last phase of the placement process is as painless and rapid as it can be. The speed at which an organization will be able to ensure the candidate is up to snuff is only dependent on how long the tests take and how long it takes to interpret the results.

Furthermore, if clients have questions about a candidate, digital medical records will ensure that the misunderstanding is resolved sooner, as collaboration is easier. Both parties are on the same page because both can look at the same information. Anything a client is missing or doesn’t have can be sent over quickly in a secure email or their client portal.

Digital medical records can even help should a clients want to audit an organization’s candidates. Having a candidate’s entire history on file will provide auditors with the information they need quickly, thus making the process as painless as it can be.

Essentially every aspect of the painful process of pre-employment medical examination becomes quicker and easier when everyone is on the digital bandwagon. So if staffing companies really want to place their medical staff quicker, they need to find an occupational health provider that’s on the same digital wavelength as they are.

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