Temperature Screening

Mobile Health has a complete protocol for setting up, staffing and managing on-site temperature screenings

From thermometers to our own personal protective equipment (PPE), Mobile Health brings everything necessary to screen and test your employees at your job site or office. Your employees simply show up to be screened. We manage temperature screening and COVID-19 testing on-site so that work continues, and your business remains compliant and profitable.

How It Works:

  • Prior to implementation, Mobile Health will coordinate with the client to ensure they have a clear protocol, a correctly set-up space for screening, and proper protection for everyone.
  • Workers complete pre-screening daily using an online health assessment questionnaire supported by our COVID-19 Testing Technology.  Via this robust, web-based application, we facilitate employee clearances before they arrive to work.
  • Once workers arrive, our technicians use non-contact thermometers to quickly and efficiently screen workers and visitors entering the workplace.
  • All technicians and medical personnel will don Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including N95 masks, face shields, gowns, and gloves.

Temperature Screenings + COVID-19 Testing

Coupling the temperature checks program with COVID-19 testing ensures immediate testing of employees for COVID-19.  This provides employers valuable information they need to properly respond. Using trained professionals to administer these health services to workers instead of a designated employee reduces the risk of exposing that employee to infection.

temperature screening