COVID-19 testing at Mobile Health

COVID-19 Screening and Testing Services

As shelter-in-place rules ease, business reopening plans aim to prioritize employee health and safety. To support business’s Return to Work initiatives, Mobile Health has developed a suite of COVID-19 screening and testing services.

Leveraging 35 years of success in pre-screening employees and candidates for infectious diseases, Mobile Health has the expertise, experience, and technology to administer these COVID-19 services at all NYC clinics and 3,300+partner-providers nationwide.

For large-scale onsite COVID-19 corporate re-entry programs,  we offer a customizable program that may include online health questionnaires, temperature screenings, and COVID-19 testing. This program addresses key employer concerns regarding Return to Work protocols and re-entry of employees to the workplace.

Mobile Health offers these COVID-19 services (click for additional information on each service):

Online Questionnaire

Temperature Screening

COVID-19 Testing